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Find out how we can partner with you to reach your goals

Boost your team's performance with IT staff augmentation. Our Python Engineers are ready to help you to bring your vision to life.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation
Need to add velocity to your project? Our on-demand team can help your internal development team achieve goals faster and get your roadmap back on track. Is your project is all setup and only needs developers? Our engineers are ready to hop in and adjust to your management and culture. We are in when you need us and out when you no longer do.

Software Development Consulting

Software Development Consulting
Software development consulting can be particularly useful for businesses or individuals who lack the in-house expertise or resources to handle software development projects on their own. By working with a team of experienced software developers, businesses can get the help they need to successfully develop and launch software applications or systems that meet their needs and goals.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients

The team consisted of three experienced and highly motivated developers, we had frontend and backend developers, and we were working closely with UI/UX designers.

Nils Streitbürger, Panther Pricing

Nils Streitbürger

CEO, Panther Pricing

Bravelab supported us in one project from January to August 2019. We were very pleased with the quality of work delivered by their software developer. Communication was always smooth. Overall, they left such a good impression that I can honestly recommend Bravelab as a trusted partner.

Natalia Urbańska
Natalia Urbańska
HR Director - Divante

Without the help of their team, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the goals we’d set. I work with them on a daily basis, and I’m very happy with the quality of their work and all aspects of the partnership.

Marcing Zbijowski
Marcin Zbijowski
Technical Lead Talent Alpha

The vendor provided a staffer who brought value and knowledge to the team. The developer was highly dedicated and delivered quality work on-time.

Dragan Eilias
Dragan Elijas
Product Owner - HelloPrint

We’ve been cooperating with Brave since the beginning. What immediately catches attention is their diligence and perseverance in with pursuing their goals as well as their conscientiousness and openness. I truly recommend Brave.

Andrzej Rabsztyn
Andrzej Rabsztyn
Co-owner and Vice CEO - hyperCREW

Bravelab delivered tasks on time, responded quickly to requests, and explained every detail of their methodology. I found them to be patient, respectful, and accommodating to my changes.

Anna Drozdowska
Anna Drozdowska
CEO - Travel Design

I’m very happy with their ability to adjust to our needs. They are always responsive, collaborative, and adhere well to any budgetary or timescale requirements, providing excellent maintenance and bug fixes too

Paweł Małkowiak
Paweł Małkowiak
CEO & Co-Founder - SolidStudio

Taking all the responsibility, I recommend Brave as a reliable and professional partner, who cares for and does everything to ensure that the service quality is very high.

Marcin Martynowicz
Marcin Martynowicz
Marketing Manager - Grupa S.A

Build the whole team or extend your existing team

eight years of experience

8+ years of experience

many satisfied clients

28+ satisfied clients

many projects done

49+ projects done

python devs

15+ python developers

4 weeks to start work

4 weeks to start work

4 weeks to start work

4.9 stars on Clutch

Four simple steps to hire our team

Step1: Needs


Describe your needs using the contact form of a phone call

Step2: Proposal


We will suggest the team aligned with your needs

Step3: Trial


We can arrange free 2-week trial. The best way to verify our proposal

Step4: Agreement


The trial ended successfully? Time to make a next step

What sets us apart?

  • We study the soft skills of programmers using Maxie DISC (R)
  • You will get only Mid/Senior Python developers
  • We have done many full-service IT projects
  • You will get a fully committed developers
  • Our developers know English min. B2
  • We match the developer to the project in
  • We thoroughly study the situation of your project
  • We give a guarantee of fit to start
  • We advise technologically
  • You will have our tech lead support
  • We take care of developers self-development

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