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Can I outsource engineers or other specialists for my project?

Yes, that's also possible. We run a programmer outsourcing program. As a rule, we don't use intermediaries - our people should be directly assigned to projects.

Do I need a CTO or a technical person on my team to work with you?

While it's beneficial, it's not mandatory. We will assemble a team for you that includes a technical person at the CTO level. We understand that in the startup world, these skills are crucial for rapidly adapting the product to the changing market, fundraising, and rapid growth. We work with both self-funded companies and venture-backed ones.

How will you estimate the cost of my project? Fixed price, or time & material?

It depends on the project's size. We generally prefer T&M, where you pay for the actual work completed and logged. Initially, we estimate your investment based on the projected amount of work needed for its implementation.For example, the estimated investment for a dedicated team to create an advanced MVP product in three months may include: 1 FTE (Full Time Employee) Technical Lead, 1 FTE Backend Developer, 1/2 FTE Project Manager, 1 FTE Frontend Developer, and 1/2 FTE UX/UI Designer. The cost of such a team at a sample labor cost of 440 EUR per month would be 110 880 EUR.The cost for the initial months of work is typically settled as an upfront payment. In the following months, we transition to a 50% upfront payment and 50% at the end of the month.

My project isn't related to music. Can you still help me?

Let's discuss it. There are projects we take on and some we avoid. For example, we don't engage with topics related to gambling and game development. On the other hand, our portfolio includes solutions in AI, e-commerce platforms, SaaS, retail solutions, and back-office systems.

Who do you work with? Corporations, music industry professionals, or artists?

We work with music labels, publishers, Music Tech startups, and individual professionals in the industry looking for IT development support. We also collaborate with companies seeking to enhance their engineering teams with specific expertise.

Music Tech Glossary

What is a DMCA takedown?

A DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown is a process by which copyright owners can request the removal of infringing content from online platforms. The DMCA provides a legal framework for addressing copyright infringement on the internet.

What is a Master Rights?

"Master rights" refer to the ownership of the original recording of a song or album. When a musician or a band records a song, they create a master recording, which is essentially the finalized version of the audio recording. Master rights give the owner (often the recording artist or the record label) control over how that specific recording is used and monetized.