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Do you want to improve your brand and online presence with new communication channels? Try our exclusive mobile app for the music industry. It enhances the musical journey for music producers, publishers, ‹and music lovers.

Mobile App For Music Catalogs


We establish long lasting partnerships with innovative brands

Join millions of music lovers who have already embraced this app as their go-to platform for all things music.

Platform for all things music

Mobile app software development process is complicated and labor intensive. Bypass the hassle and make yourself a platform for all things music.

Platform for all things music

Music industry mobile app

It's 2023 and you still don't have a mobile app?

To survive, music businesses must prioritize mobile expertise and cater to mobile-first clients. Revenues from big platforms are shrinking. Diversifying revenue through digital innovation, merchandise, and building communities around super-fans and repeat clients is crucial. Test our app for the music industry to adjust to modern music lovers, streamline operations, and move away from analog practices.

My Client Are Mobile


my clients are mobile

My customers are on mobile apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or Tidal, but my business is still desktop-first. I'm missing out on potential users who avoid desktop solutions like mine. I need mobile expertise to thrive.


Revenue Diversification

Seeing shrinking revenues from big platforms, you must tap into new income sources. The industry focus moves to cultivating super-fans and repeat clients who drive the majority of revenue. You need to look for additional streams, such as sponsorships, licensing, and merchandise.

Revenue Diversification


Analog Practices

While other industries have embraced digital innovation, AI, and modern tools to streamline their operations, the music industry feels like a journey back in time. Publishers, producers, and artists are stuck dealing with paper contracts, lots of email exchanges, and old-fashioned processes. It's an exhausting and inefficient.

Analog Practices


Our music app prioritises user-friendly design, personalisation and more features that enhance the music listening experience and make it easy for users to discover, enjoy, and share their favourite playlists and tracks.


Audio player

Built-in media player that comes with the operating iOS/Android system. Our player can continue playing music in the background while the user interacts with other apps or locks the screen.



Playlists are tools for organising, customising, and enhancing the music listening experience. They allow users to express their musical tastes, discover new tracks, and create a soundtrack for different aspects of their lives.



Advanced search features (such as filter by genre, artist, album, duration, custom tags and more) enhance the user experience by giving music enthusiasts more control and flexibility when discovering new music within the app.



Favorites/Liked functionality allows users to mark and easily access their preferred songs, albums, or artists.



Favorites/Liked functionality allows users to mark and easily access their preferred songs, albums, or artists.



Save and store music content locally on user's device, making it accessible for offline listening, regardless of internet connectivity.


No matter if you are just getting started or have an advanced concept - reach out to us and let's discuss.

Maciej Dulski

Maciej Dulski
Digital Commerce Consultant


Transparency and quality are our focus and top priorities. Our skilled professionals provide high-quality work that is tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


Our goal was to build a music platform enabling us to charge our customers in a subscription model and as one-off payments. Bravelab’s developers were super engaged. Thanks to their effort, we prepared MVP and started working on the marketing. The first biggest technology milestone was achieved during five months.

PaweƂ Przetacznik

CIO, IMS r&d

The product was successfully delivered. We were happy with Bravelab’s services. They managed the project well and facilitated regular meetings to track its progress. We set up daily stand-ups and sprint planning meetings. Everything was managed smoothly. Our teams used Jira for management and Slack for instant communication.

Mike Polatoglou

CTO Wundr Commerce LTD

Frequently asked questions

establish presence on
the mobile landscape

Competitive advantage, customization, personalized user experience, scalability, security, improved ROI are one of many benefits of a mobile app.

Why should I move my business to mobile?

Shifting your business to mobile is crucial. More than half the world, 54.46%, uses mobile devices, surpassing desktop at 43.67%. Most people prefer mobile, especially on platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, and Apple Music. Reach your audience where they're most comfortable and active.
Don't miss this chance to stay ahead in the mobile trend.

WHEN CAN I EXPEct my app published?

You can expect your music app to be published on Google Play and the App Store within approximately 4 weeks. Please note that the timeline may vary based on any specific customizations required. Rest assured, your app will be fully whitelabeled and branded with your logos, colors, and other brand elements to match your unique identity.

Can I adjust the app to my needs?

Yes, you can definitely adjust the app to meet your specific needs. We start with the basics and then customize it to align with your unique music business requirements. There's no need to include every 'nice-to-have' feature right away. We can add them later, as needed.


You should expect an investment of 8700 EUR for the basic app, which will be tailored and customized to suit your business needs. This package includes the app itself, assistance in getting it onto Android and iOS marketplaces, and support for its initial promotion. Additionally, the app will be branded with your company's identity.


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