Music Tech

Explore Global MusicTech Initiatives: Innovators and Leaders in Music Technology


Universal Music's platform for supporting music tech startups and innovations.


ASCAP's initiative for fostering music technology innovation.

Gema - Open Innovation

GEMA's platform for open innovation in music rights management.


SACEM's innovation lab focusing on music rights and technology.

MusicTech Japan

Japanese platform for music technology advancement and industry collaboration.

Music Norway

Norwegian organization supporting music export and technology.

MusicTech Netherlands

Dutch initiative promoting music technology and innovation.

Music Finland

Finnish agency promoting music exports and industry development.

MusicTech Belgium

Belgian organization fostering music technology growth and innovation.

Innovation Music Hub

Italian initiative focusing on music industry innovation and entrepreneurship.

MusicTech Barcelona Hub

Barcelona's hub for music tech innovation and industry collaboration.

Music Technology UK

UK's leading network for music technology research and development.

MusicTech France

French network dedicated to advancing music technology and creative industries.

Music Tech Europe

A European platform supporting innovation and collaboration in music technology.

MusicTech Germany

Germany's association for promoting music technology and innovation.