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Enhance your skills

1. Browse our current projects and job offers
2. Match the best one with your current interests
3. Send your CV
4. Show your skills
5. Discuss a cooperation conditions
5. Join one of our development team
Enhance your skills


We not only connect the right people to the projects, but also support them with our know-how and support. The routine during daily-work might minimise creating thought-provoking solutions and out-of-the-box ideas. Working with clients  provides your brain with new knowledge and meaningful feedback.

Ready? Only three simple recruitment steps

Step 1

Send CV

You send it.
We review it.

Step 2

Cooperation talk

1h meeting focusing on getting to know each other, testing your subject knowledge, soft and organisational skills.

Step 3

Skills screening

Finally, we want to get to know your technical skills - time for an independent test task or pair-coding.

Why you can foster your development
with the brave people?

The assumption of the recruitment process is to find a person who would fit to our culture.
Therefore, in the process take part several people from our company and decision is made together.

Extra conference budget

We stand for development of our team members so as a company we gladly participate in industry conferences giving a possibility to simultaneously help our whole group of associates.

Freedom to choose projects

To be effective not only you need to work but also you want to work. So to be this way we are standing together with our workers, and we let them choose the projects that are helping them to develop new skills and work in comfort conditions.

Access to educational resources

As a firm which stands for growth not only we share our internal knowledge but also we give our employees a possibility to expand it by helping them with studies, courses, webinars and other forms of educational attitude.

Quarterly profit sharing

We believe that company success is not held by one person but the whole team. Therefore we’ve created a quarterly 10% share of income.

Brave's core values

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to learn and master the creative disciplines they care about most. We're passionate about experiential learning, empowering learners to hone their skills, and supporting creatives at every step of the journey.

job offers

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It's ALL about working together

Not afraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies, and - most importantly - always carry the projects through from the beginning to the end.

Senior Python Developer

Bravelab is more than just a software house, and I realized that right away. It's the kind of organization that encourages everyone to speak up and take part in decision-making. Bravelab empowers me not only to grow professionally but progress in my personal life as well. The work never gets boring and there are always new areas where you can challenge yourself.

Frontend Developer

Since joining Bravelab, I have had a great professional journey.
The 2+ years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. It is very motivating to join a company and take part in its growth. I was changing alongside the company and it was a joy to witness.

Senior Python Developer




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