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A powerful price recommendation tool

Small and medium shops are facing intense competition in the market. The post-pandemic era has caused all retail industries to have the need to use online tools with automatisation systems to compete and survive. Work with data in real-time has become one of the essential solutions for every company to make better choices. This time, Bravelab comes again with a Python backgroun for Panther Pricing to help with this concept and provide a reliable result for all the Panther's clients in Germany.

The plan was to create a cloud software able to generate automated price recommendations for retailers in Germany. The mission was to allow bricks-and-mortar companies to have no more online sales with negative margin contributions. The platform should generate online benchmark prices for the clients.








Panther Pricing is a German company founded in 2018 and based in Frankfurt dedicated to providing innovative online services to boost retailers in Germany.

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Panther Pricing encountered three major challenges:

  1. Enhance System Performance and Scalability
  2. Augment Knowledge and Expertise Internally Lacking
  3. Time Sensitivity

Both needs were urgent, emphasizing the crucial role of time in addressing these challenges.

The client sought a reliable technology partner possessing specific expertise, ready to assist their internal development team. Given the urgency of the situation, the client had no time for a prolonged onboarding process and anticipated results at the earliest opportunity.

To establish collaboration, we initiated the client engagement process through the following stages:

  1. Brief and QA
  2. Introduction Call
  3. Discovery Workshop
  4. Ballpark Proposal
  5. Decision

Our approach prioritized gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client's challenges to formulate an optimal solution. This commenced with negotiations to define the project's scope. During this phase, a consensus was reached with the client that developing a new front-end from the ground up and seamlessly integrating it with the existing backend would yield the most favorable outcomes within the specified budget and timeline.

After careful consideration, we identified FastAPI as the ideal technology for the project. The subsequent step involved the meticulous design of a new front end, comprising reusable components. This design choice empowers the client to leverage these components as foundational elements for the incorporation of new features and functionalities, thereby maintaining a consistent and familiar appearance for end-users.

The client's primary objectives included enhancing the overall system performance and establishing a foundation for continuous scalability. In pursuit of these goals, the client sought external expertise in specific development areas. Additionally, a sense of urgency prompted the client to seek additional development resources externally, as the required skills were not readily available within their internal team.


The team prioritized establishing a transparent and efficient communication process with the client. Immersing ourselves in the project details, we sought to comprehend the scope thoroughly. Bravelab recommended migrating from the old technology (Flask) to the new FastAPI and refactoring the existing functionality. The objective was to optimize and diminish the technical debt of the application. Simultaneously, we adapted to the new front-end and expedited application performance. The solution is built on the latest front-end technologies.

Panther project has no middle management. Flat structure enables us to take the responsibility, make confident decisions, and contribute to the client's product development.

Mateusz Bryzik

Frontend Developer

The team consisted of three an experienced and highly motivated developers, we had frontend and backend developers, and we were working closely with UI/UX designers.

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Nils Streitbürger

Managing Director


Scope of work

  • Concept idea and research
  • User interface and platform design
  • Platform development
  • Testing & launch

Insight numbers

  • 1191 hours invested on app development

Developers assigned to this project

  • Mateusz - Frontend Developer
  • Michał - Backend Developer
  • Jakub - UX/UI Senior Designer

The Team

  • Mateusz - Vue.js Developer
  • Michał - Python Developer
  • Jakub - UX/UI Senior Designer
  • Mariusz - Delivery Manager


  • Python 3
  • PostgreSQL
  • FastAPI
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Vue.js (in frontend)

What We Did

Bravelab undertook the migration of the codebase from the old technology (Flask) to the new FastAPI, coupled with a comprehensive refactoring of the existing functionality. The primary goal was to optimize and reduce the technical debt of the application. Simultaneously, we adapted to the new front end, significantly accelerating the application's performance. The solution was built on the latest front-end technologies, resulting in Panther Pricing boasting a consistent user interface and achieving high-performance levels.

Main Goal and Challenge

The main goal and the most significant challenge revolved around building a library of design patterns, rules, and UX guidelines to prevent inconsistencies when deploying products at scale.


Our UI/UX Designer focused on crafting a collection of reusable components, adhering to clear standards. This approach facilitated the assembly and construction of numerous applications within the platform while maintaining consistency throughout. The product transcended a mere compilation of reusable UI elements; it possessed structure and meaning, representing a system of concepts for sensible usage.

The Result

The comprehensive integration of research, design, and development led to the enhancement of a powerful platform capable of automating 100% real-time price recommendations using AI. The platform now features:

  • Fully integrated online price labeller
  • Always up-to-date online market prices for each item
  • Ideal online price proposals for optimal exploitation
  • Definable price minima via calculation/coverage margin requirements
  • Stationary price orientation to the current online price for sensitive product segments or strategic positioning of maximum prices (online +X%)
  • Inclusion of AI-based sales forecasts, price elasticities, online competitive pricing, item performance, current inventory levels, lifecycle, and order availability considerations
  • Optimization of price markdowns
  • Yield improvement
  • Liquidity improvement
  • Simplification of processes and cost reduction

By separating the back-end and rewriting the front-end from scratch, we significantly improved Panther Pricing's performance while maintaining a reasonable scope and cost for the project. The modular construction of the proposed front end allows Panther Pricing the flexibility to add new functionalities without compromising the visual consistency of the interface.

A powerful price recommendation tool that helps retailers to improve their revenues




Project time

8 months

The work

The need

The need




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Michał's testimonial

Scalable UI language

Jakub's quote about UX/UI design in the Panther Pricing project

Testimonial from the customer

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Our software house develops complex and sophisticated solutions for a wide range of markets and industries. From e-commerce to platforms integrated with AI and multiple integrations.

  • Web development
  • Mobile solutions
  • Maintenance
  • UX/UI design
  • Consulting
  • Holistic long-term solutions

We were satisfied with the really fast onboarding

The team consisted of three an experienced and highly motivated developers, we had frontend and backend developers, and we were working closely with UI/UX designers.

Panther Pricing Bravelab


The machine-learning-based web platform for optimising pricing in brick-and-mortar stores.
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A collection of APIs integrating the existing ticketing platform with third-party systems.
Talent-Alpha Team extenstion

Talent Alpha

Vue.js frontend team extension supporting the internal team of the Talent Searching Platform.

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Maciej Dulski

Maciej Dulski
Senior Business Consultant



100% customer focus at all times, the whole team at held our hands at every stage, and their knowledge of the latest industry trends was really valuable.

Imran Aziz

CEO Wundr Commerce LTD

Taking all the responsibility, I recommend Brave as a reliable and professional partner, who cares for and does everything to ensure that the service quality is very high.

Marcin Martynowicz

Manager, S.A

Without the help of their team, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the goals we’d set. I work with them on a daily basis...‍

Marcin Zbijowski

Tech Lead, Talent Alpha

Our goal was to build a music platform enabling us to charge our customers in a subscription model and as one-off payments. Bravelab’s developers were super engaged. Thanks to their effort, we prepared MVP and started working on the marketing. The first biggest technology milestone was achieved during five months.

Paweł Przetacznik

CIO, IMS r&d

We’ve been cooperating with Brave since the beginning. What immediately catches attention is their diligence and perseverance with pursuing their goals as well as their conscientiousness

Andrzej Rabsztyn

CEO, hyperCREW

Bravelab delivered tasks on time, responded quickly to requests, and explained every detail of their methodology. I found them to be patient, respectful to my needs

Anna Drozdowska

CEO, Travel Design




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