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Tools for cyclical promotional campaigns related to issuing ATM prepaid cards to shopping mall customers

The loyalty program application for tablet devices allows issuing gift cards based on the total amount of completed purchases.









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The Forum shopping mall marketing department needed tools to carry out cyclical promotional campaigns related to issuing ATM prepaid cards to shopping mall customers.

Loyalty application for FORUM shopping mall

During a short 5-6 week deadline, we had to develop functionalities for registration, verification, and card issuing based on the rules set in the system configuration. The application consists of three components: Backend API, Frontend Panel, and Tablet.

sample screen from loyalty application

The application has been running continuously in the same configuration since 2017. A well-thought-out database structure allows creating new editions of the loyalty program without the need to involve developers to make changes to the core code.

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Thanks to Bravelab’s work we were able to split frontend of the project with the backend, also we improved by far the responsiveness of the application due to new technology used.The last important outcome is the new look of the app thanks to new UI design.

We work very closely with the Bravelab’s team and our own. We really appreciated good communication and an agile attitude.
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