Why the Programming World Loves Python

According to TIOBE Index, Python is the second most loved language and was awarded Language of The Year in 2020. To start learning Python there are no prerequisites. A programming language is normally the first step to better understand the tech world. Besides logical thinking, a good motivation like a project you want to build should be enough to get you going.

Why is everyone talking about Python?

Python is a really good option to learn. To start making money from working in programming or using it in your work domain to automate manual tasks. Additionally, it is super popular because it is easy to learn, with a simple syntax, easy to read and understand, with thousands of libraries and frameworks built by a big community. Besides, it can be used in almost every environment, and it is fast and reliable.

Crash Courses to learn Python

We live in exciting times, where there are plenty of resources available through the internet. From free courses to more specialized ones, it is possible to learn Python from zero nowadays. If it is your first language and you are improving your coding skills, here is a list of courses ranging from free to US$ 240.

  • 2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python: A great place to start, this course has more than 250,000 students and it is the most popular Python course on Udemy. You will have all the knowledge necessary to code in Python 3, from setting up the machine, practical homework and quizzes, to building your portfolio with three projects. The best part? You can get it for around $10 in Udemy Flash sales.
  • Python for Everybody Specialization: If you are looking for a good theory and some projects, from world-class universities, with certification, in the end, this is the best choice. Offered by the University of Michigan, you will learn Web Development, Data Structure, and Database access using Python. Audit it for free or pay around $ 40 per month for the full experience.
  • **Learn Python 3:** With membership starting at around $15.99 per month, CodeAcademy offers several courses, and this Python course is an interactive option if you don't want to be stuck in theory for so long. With 25 hours of content, you will get a solid base on Python 3.
  • **Learn Python OneMonth:** With four real-world projects and more than six hours of step-by-step video tutorials, you will learn in four weeks how to create scripts, use APIs and build your web development skills. With an annual plan, you can learn Python and several courses for 12 months subscribing for US$ 240.
  • **Python Fundamentals:** With the subscriptions method, Pluralsight offers many good courses, and this Python course will teach all the fundamentals you need. With five hours, of course, learn the basics from the language and how to ship and maintain your code. The subscription plans start with US$ 29 monthly and US$ 199 annually.

Job Opportunities for Python Programmers

One of the reasons Python is so popular is that it is very flexible. You can use it in back-end and front-end applications, software engineering, databases, web development, and artificial intelligence! Take a look at the top positions and their salaries, according to Stack Overflow Survey.

  • Data Engineer (US$ 65k): One of the most important roles in the industry today uses Python every day. Python is the main language to help Data Engineers to create databases, data pipelines, and ETL processes.
  • Data Scientist (US$ 58k): Python can be used in the whole spectrum of a Data Scientist job. From exploring the data, cleaning it, modeling with AI algorithms, creating scripts to uncover insights, and showing them with visualization tools.
  • Machine Learning Engineer (US$ 58k): Create, manage, deploy and maintain Machine Learning models using Python. Apply your skills to create functions and access cloud APIs to put AI in production.
  • Python Developer: The most direct option you have after learning Python. Being a developer, you will write efficient code, create websites and use APIs, for example. Use your knowledge to:
  1. Back-end (US$ 53k): Use Flask or Django to design services and systems. The basis for every website can be done with Python, implementing the logic behind the application and database interactions.
  2. Front-end (US$ 49k): Not so common as back-end applications, you can still use Python to create interfaces in software applications using Python. Use Brython/Tkinter/PySide to use your back-end and show a UI.

Furthermore, Python can be used for general task automation, security purposes, and game programming. A lot of industries are watching Python as a desirable skill. One can see an increase in the job advertising asking Python for Product Managers, Financial jobs, Educators, and even Journalists!

In these projects, you will build web applications, databases, and data-related processes, machine learning, and data science projects.

Companies that are using Python

As a very flexible language, Python is applied in several fields. Giant tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and IBM have been using it in their products. But this should not be a surprise by now. Here are a couple of successful startups based on Python:

Plotly is a library that allows ML Engineers and Data scientists to share interactive data visualization. The Canadian company has already raised $14M to develop its product. Developing software for self-driving vehicles, Five AI reached $2.7M to apply AI using Python. Looking for the industry and headquartered in Berlin, we have Micropsi Industries enhancing industrial robots with Artificial Intelligence. Lincoln Loop is a software development agency specialized in Python and Django development for web and mobile. For translation, we got Weglot offering solutions for several websites. As a marketing platform, Ometria leverages AI to help the retail industry to improve customer experience. To help travelers to find tickets and hotels, Virail creates a product using Python technology. And for the healthcare industry, a good example is Cureatr, which is a medication management platform.

At Bravelab we also love Python, indeed, it is one of our most used programming languages for every project. Our software house is highly specialised developing cutting-edge platforms for a wide variety of industries with Python, and everyday we are going forward innovating with this powerful technology. If you are interested in joining us as part of the Python Heroes Team, we are accepting applications!

Submit your application here.

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