(Warning) Why Artificial Intelligence will defeat traditional HR

July 14, 2021

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Roberto Cruz

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(Warning) Why Artificial Intelligence will defeat traditional HR

Artificial algorithms, chatbots, and systems cataloging data and selecting the best candidates for a given position are used to correctly verify employee candidates. AI now has the ability to process huge amounts of data, including candidate profiles from different backgrounds, countries, and skills. For medium and large companies, this type of solution is mandatory. On the other side, the pandemic has pushed companies to make restructuration in many cases, this has caused them to make them look for different types of profiles like candidates from overseas and rehire rushing after the COVID crisis has been controlled in some regions. This is leading us to a world where HR is operated by AI technologies. The big two questions are if computer data verification is able to completely replace an HR department inside a company? And what companies should do from now to face a new era? Let’s start discussing three main issues:

Intelligence Reach

The method of recruiting new employees has changed significantly. What to do when several thousands of potential specialists apply for a job in a large corporation? Verification of applications, even by a several-person HR department, may then be significantly difficult. However, innovative systems and algorithms that impartially catalog candidates and verify their competencies in terms of requirements come to the rescue. Thanks to this, recruiters have constant access to databases, and it is easier for them to choose the right person for a required position. Artificial intelligence abilities have been developed up to frontiers never imagined a few years ago reaching an unprecedented transcendence. Its potential to do multiple complex tasks at the same time includes finding the right profile from a database that would include thousands of facts and information, candidates from different countries, backgrounds, and profiles.

We also need to keep in mind a key factor: this intelligence is becoming cheaper. The resources, talent, and efforts invested from different clusters around the world are doing the AI something cheaper and able to hire even from smaller companies. The capacity to find the right talent at a lower cost makes these types of platforms a new way to walk and a risk for the traditional personnel who work in HR.


Chatbots as automatised tools in HR supply the immediate reaction time that today’s users expect once they have hiring queries, edge issues, or coaching problems. HR platforms with AI use chatbots which are able to simulate person-to-person conversations at the top level. In traditional HR departments, the strategy depends fully on the availability of the personnel, which makes it a disadvantage against companies where systems are working 24/7 searching for the best talent. In some specific fields, this becomes more critical, for example in IT, driverless technologies, financial specialists, or similar industries, the lack of talent makes companies run desperately in search of the few candidates available.

AI makes it possible to never stop companies running for top talent. We are inside a war of talent, big corporations are looking around the planet for this type of specialisation for their secret projects. Just keep the example of driverless war, according to some reports Apple is creating their next big project -a car-. Since 2015 it is known that “Titan Project”** which is the code name for this project has hired many engineers specialized in driverless and design for cars. From that time, there has been a war between Apple, Tesla, and other tech companies looking for top engineers and technicians to create a team dedicated to reaching their own goals. They not only look to the US as candidates to fulfill their needs, but they are also like a big dragon surfacing all the Earth searching for talent. And who will do it? Human beings from their offices searching in websites, social media groups, or making calls? Of course not! At that level, they require the benefits of AI to make thousands of searches every day with high accuracy. So? AI is becoming more and more crucial for HR vision.

Analytics on Real-time

To make the best decision in any field, decision-makers need reliable data. HR platforms based in AI have the capability to bring data in real-time, but it is not only to give you tons of information, the most interesting side is these platforms allow decision-makers to have updated information in real-time, and the data that they really need with profiles adapted to their expectations. Most companies are running over the time to launch the latest trending products, provide demanding services, and execute projects faster than the competence. In those cases, platforms with AI bring accurate data and make it possible to find talent in less time. Compared with traditional HR, it is possible to achieve the goals under pressure, create powerful teamwork and achieve the goals for every project.

Keeping into consideration the three elements discussed above, we can set the idea that AI will replace traditional HR in a few years more, this is not a utopia. Corporations and even medium-small firms will require to create or hire their own platforms to manage lots of applications and recruitment processes. By 2030 we will see a new face in HR, there is no doubt. HR will be reduced in terms of employees, with automated processes in almost every corner, and using powerful AI platforms to find talent around the world, and going a bit further, in the next decade -2030’s- the traditional HR will be something about corporate history, because machines will take the place of humans and recruitment process will be something purely automatised.

So, companies of any size have homework to do now, to start implementing most of these new technologies inside HR teams in order to compete with the real trends on the market. To achieve that goal companies could start from now creating their own automated processes inside HR, hire platforms with AI, or in many cases like big companies, start developing their own systems and web platforms to locate talent in an accurate way. Those platforms should be connected to already existing databases which will help to create a powerful engine to run their objectives.

At Bravelab we have years of experience creating complex and advanced platforms. In terms of the Human Resources sector, our company has the leadership, tools, and resources to create sophisticated and efficient web platforms that help companies to find talent in the most efficient way, boosting their abilities to create strong team works.

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