Bravelab partners with Music Glue

Partnership with Music Glue

The primary objective of Bravelab is to foster the advancement of the music industry through the application of digital commerce solutions.
That's why Bravelab has started collaborating with Music Glue. We can help you understand Music Glue's solution and recommend it to your specific needs.
In this article you'll learn more about Music Glue and their e-commerce platform dedicated to the music industry.

Mark Meharry

"Music Glue sees big potential in the Central Eastern European market for our solutions. We're hoping teaming up with Bravelab will be a win-win for both of us."

About Music Glue

Music Glue specialises in creating tailored e-commerce solutions for the music industry. The platform enables partners to seamlessly sell merchandise, music, or tickets directly to fans worldwide in one transaction while retaining complete ownership of valuable customer data.

For Artists & Managers

With Music Glue, artists and managers can easily access tools to sell tickets, merchandise, and music through a single storefront while retaining control over essential data. Mobile-ready websites are custom-built around the artist's brand, ensuring a seamless user experience. Plus, with access to global distribution centres and customer support teams, reaching fans across borders.

For Labels

Fully managed direct-to-consumer (D2C) campaigns to put labels in control, providing real-time reports and sales dashboards to monitor campaign performance.

For Agents

Music Glue offers an independent, direct-to-fan ticketing platform designed for agents. Sell ticket allocations directly from the artist store with an expert ticketing team handling all the details. Proprietary anti-tout technology ensures genuine fans access tickets first, with additional features like ballot and VIP ticket solutions available.

For Merchandise Companies

International distribution, dedicated customer support, and comprehensive analytics are just a click away for merchandise companies partnering with Music Glue. Monitor sales across all stores from a single dashboard, provide localised customer support, and leverage specialist inventory and sales management tools to streamline operations.

Origins and Mission

Founded on putting artists first, Music Glue began its journey with a simple yet powerful mission: to provide musicians with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age while maintaining autonomy over their creative work and revenue streams. Established by a team of industry insiders and tech enthusiasts, Music Glue sought to bridge the gap between artists and their audiences meaningfully.

Music Glue's features


  • Music Glue facilitates the direct sale of ticket allocations to fans, managed comprehensively by their dedicated ticketing team.
  • Employ ticket bundles to stimulate album pre-orders and merchandise sales while retaining control over ticketing data and fan relationships.
  • Extend the option of ballot tickets for high-demand events or VIP tickets to devoted fans.

Fan Club

  • Engage fans by granting exclusive access to the artist's inner circle, fostering a sense of community.
  • Customise products and experiences tailored for deeply engaged audience members while rewarding subscribers with exclusive perks.
  • Gain insights into fan behaviour through data analysis, enabling targeted engagement strategies.

Print on Demand

  • Music Glue offers the creation of custom merchandise with an emphasis on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and processes.
  • Experiment with new merch designs without excess stock using environmentally conscious inks and reduced water consumption.
  • Produce a diverse range of items on demand, from apparel to accessories.

YouTube Merch Shelf

  • Seamlessly integrate merchandise displays within YouTube channels, guiding viewers directly to Music Glue for purchase.
  • Enjoy a streamlined setup process, requiring only minutes to complete, for hassle-free merchandise promotion.

Chart Reporting

  • Ensure eligibility for global music charts with Music Glue's comprehensive reporting system.
  • Report sales across multiple countries, collaborating directly with chart companies for accurate data submission.
  • Utilise automated reporting features to streamline the process of sharing sales data with charting entities.

Insights & Data

  • Gain access to real-time reports and sales dashboards, offering complete transparency into sales performance.
  • Monitor sales from multiple storefronts via a unified dashboard and receive automated alerts for reordering.
  • Seamlessly integrate with various social media and marketing platforms for enhanced operational efficiency.


  • Enhance customer experience by creating bundled offerings encompassing merchandise, albums, and tickets.
  • Provide genuine ticket bundles without relying on external codes or third-party platforms.
  • Encourage album pre-orders through bundled ticket sales and incentivise fan engagement with discounts.

Live Streaming

  • Monetize virtual performances by offering tickets, merchandise, and album bundles alongside stream access.
  • Customise live stream landing pages with interactive features like fan chat for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Opt for professional production services or utilise your team for live stream execution.

Global Fulfillment

  • Access Music Glue's network of international distribution centres across key regions for efficient global shipping.
  • Use strategically located fulfilment centres to offer fans faster delivery times and reduced postage rates.
  • Simplify merchandise distribution by routing unused tour items to the nearest warehouse for storage and shipping.

Customer Service

  • Enjoy round-the-clock support from Music Glue's dedicated customer service team, available to address inquiries and issues promptly.
  • Access multilingual support services spanning different time zones for enhanced global reach.
  • Receive top-notch specialist support with an average resolution time of under 2 hours.

For further details or inquiries, reach out to Music Glue's team:


Visit Music Glue  links to learn more about the product:

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