Music Industry Tech Openings (March 2024 Update)

Our mission expanded beyond just building music tech solutions. We also want to attract talented developers, data engineers, UX/UI designers, and other technical professionals to the music sector.

While there are job boards catering to non-technical roles, we'll be focusing on promoting technical job opportunities. Our goal is to bring in exceptional talent who can contribute to groundbreaking projects and innovations in music.

Here are some technical job openings with details (checked on 19.03.2024). Feel free to apply if you meet the requirements:

  • Baton
    • LinkedIn
    • Jobs
    • Mobile Engineer
    • Senior Backend Engineer
    • Fulstack Engineer
  • Beatstars
    • LinkedIn
    • Job
    • Back-end Engineer (Contractor) (LATAM, Remote)
  • Believe
    • LinkedIn
    • Jobs
    • Senior Software Engineer (France, Paris)
    • Developpeur Frontend React JS (France, Paris)
    • Workplace Engineer (France, Paris)
    • Software Engineer PHP (France, Paris)
    • Senior Software Developer (France, Paris)
    • QA Engineer (France, Paris)
    • Scrum Master Junior (France, Paris)
    • Software Engineer API REST PHP Cloud (France, Paris)
    • Senior Data Engineer (France, Paris)
  • FUGA
    • LinkedIn
    • Jobs
    • Full Stack Developer (United Kingdom)
    • Ruby Engineer (Netherlands)
  • Muse Group
    • LinkedIn
    • Careers
    • Data Analyst (Cyprus or remote)
    • Analytics Engineer (Cyprus or remote)
    • C++ developer (Cyprus or remote)
    • Senior Frontend Engineer (Cyprus or remote)
  • FM LLC
  • Pixelynx
    • Apply
    • Front-end Web Developer (Canada, Toronto or remote)
    • Backend and DevOps Engineer (Germany, Berlin)
  • BMAT
  • Soundful
    • LinkedIn
    • Careers
    • Senior Software Engineer (United States)
    • Data Scientist (United States)
  • Luminate
    • LinkedIn
    • Careers
    • Lead Data Scientist (United States, New York)
    • Machine Learning Engineer (United States, New York)
    • Machine Learning Engineer (France or Remote)
    • Senior Data Scientist (United States, New York)
    • Senior Software Engineer (UI) (United States, Los Angeles)
    • Software Engineer (United States, Los Angeles or remote)
    • Senior Technical Product Manager (United States, Los Angeles)
    • Senior UI/UX Designer (United States, Los Angeles)
    • Senior UI Designer (United States, Los Angeles)

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