Surfing into the future: E-commerce is from Python

The world’s digital transformation, together with the pandemic, has not only made online presence an absolute priority for businesses, but it also consequently nurtured the eCommerce industry at a pace much faster than expected. Now, as the industry takes over more audiences and customizes itself with the evolving trends and demands, there is no other option than to modify your methods to adjust to the new lifestyle, right?

Now assuming that you are already convinced your business can use this eCommerce glamour but are still wondering, “how do I go about it?”, “What technologies do I use ?” “Should I hire someone, or can I do it myself?”. You are in for a treat because Bravelab is here to help. Let’s discuss:

  1. The best technology to ensure success in eCommerce.
  2. Why Python?
  3. Flask, Django, and a few of their derivatives.

The best technology

In the last few years, Python has established its reigns in the world of eCommerce website development. The readability of the syntax of this language beats other technologies used for the same purpose and allows the programmers (beginner or expert) to express their concepts clearly and concisely. As for the technicality, its comprehensive support for the development of websites is the reason it is acknowledged as an eCommerce development tool universally.

Why Python?

You might still be wondering, “Okay, I understand Python is cool, but why is it the perfect fit for my website?”. The answer to this lies in a combination of answers to the following questions:

  • Is my target audience in thousands or millions?
  • Do I want my website to maintain optimal performance even with a high load?
  • Am I looking for more than the standard features of an eCommerce site?

Scalability: Who doesn’t like more sales, huh? But doesn’t more sales mean more customers? Which leads to more load on the website? In technical terms, we call it scalability, the aspect that ensures the growth of your platform with the development of the number of customers.

Performance: When the goal is a successful eCommerce website, the first thing to ensure is the robustness and engagement of the website no matter the number of customers.

Security: Wherever trade is involved, monetary transactions are involved. Consumers take comfort in knowing that their payment credentials are secure. Multiple Python frameworks offer a collection of payment gateways that can easily be embedded in the websites.

Compatibility: Python is the most cross-platform language there is. The compatibility offers over different modern operating systems is remarkable. Furthermore, it handily integrates with other development languages, tools, etc.

Flask, Django, and their Derivatives/Applications

Now that we have established that Python is the best choice, let’s move on to the frameworks for web development. Two of the trendiest frameworks are Flask and Django. One is known for flexibility as it has fewer built-in components (such as Database management and interaction)and provides you with more fine-grained control. The other is known for building straightforward applications as it follows the all-inclusive philosophy. Some of the most famous websites, such as YouTube, Google, Dropbox, Uber, etc., are built using Django. Comparatively, the flask possesses a much lighter footprint (considering the lines of source code).


Python has the luxury of a vast development community which is why the world is blessed with a new tool every other day. A few examples of the applications for your motivation:

a chart with examples of the applications

As evident from the above explanation, Python offers the best technology and provides users with various customizable pre-packaged applications that can be used in countless eCommerce solutions to fulfil their business needs. By now, we hope you’re confident of what you and your business need.

If you’re in the moment to make the right choice with which way to go about it, you can consult experts at Bravelab, and we’ll help you find the perfect use of Python in your application.

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