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Overdue invoices - integration with the issue tracking system

March 19, 2020

Paweł Juraszek

All companies want invoices to be paid on time. However, in reality, a significant amount of them become overdue. That creates a need for the system, that could automate the process of checking and assigning such issues to the accounting department.

Many companies utilize some kind of issue trackers and work management tools, so the idea was to integrate the existing invoice management module with issue tracker, in this case, an Atlassian Jira Software.

Overdue invoices - integration with the issue tracking system

How does it work

The task is run daily, to ensure issues are created as needed.

Invoices get processed when payment due date exceeds today, they are unpaid, and they have not been processed yet .
An instance of the Jira interface is created, which requires three string variables: one with URL address, another with username, and last with API token.
Then a new Jira issue is created, which is automatically assigned to the chosen employee.
All other attributes are also set, such as priority, type, epics, and project where they should appear.
The content of the issue includes invoice number, contractor, payment date, and net amount.

Overdue invoices - integration with the issue tracking system


Jira kanban board allows for efficient management of issues. Each of them has all the necessary information, which might be required for the assignee, to immediately proceed with the task.
Creating an automated issue creation module improves the speed and efficiency of managing overdue invoices.

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