Kanban Board methodology: Hack your company's productivity

Improving productivity is every company’s aim. Regardless of whether your company is large or small, you want your team working at its best. Good organisation, staff incentives to keep your workforce motivated - there are many approaches to improving productivity levels. But the Kanban board methodology is straightforward and highly effective. Below are 5 reasons why using the Kanban method can help your company’s productivity.

What is the Kanban board method?

Kanban board methodology is a visual productivity workflow tool that was first used by Toyota in the 1950s. It gives users an overview of an entire task, allowing them to see the details without losing track of the bigger picture. The Kanban method breaks tasks down into 3 categories: “To Do,” “Doing” and “Done,” using cards to plot a project through from start to finish, enabling your team to chart their progress as they work.

How can it help productivity?

Because it gives a visual picture of each project, it can improve productivity by enabling every team member to stay in control of their designated task, as they can clearly see which bit has been done and what needs doing next. Secondly, it can also help to protect existing productivity levels, by prioritising tasks to ensure that staff don’t slow down because they’re overwhelmed.

Every project encounters difficulties and changing requirements. The third reason why the Kanban method can help productivity is that it allows you to make changes in real time, thus avoiding errors and setbacks. The board owner can edit tasks into new sequences if priorities change, allowing each team member to stay fully up-to-date and maintain their productivity. This brings us to the fourth benefit: changing production to meet customer demand. Companies need to respond to their customers’ needs, which can change according to new trends and buying patterns. Because the Kanban method is so flexible, tasks can be reordered to suit customer demand without causing too much disruption or wasted work; the ability to reorganise and change priorities means that companies can respond to customers in real time.

Kanban board in Atlassian Jira

Source: Atlassian Jira

Will it help productivity at my company?

Lastly, the Kanban method can help productivity through its diversity - it can be used across a wide range of industries (from keeping track of sales leads to recruitment), meaning that it can help your company to improve its productivity levels whatever your needs.

At Bravelab we love productivity and results, that’s why we have integrated the methodology of Kanban in our processes, work teams, and workflow. We use software made by Atlassian and called Jira. There we gather all projects and tasks to do, classify them by department, and assign them to every member of the team according to our needs. This helps us to manage and track the projects with high efficiency and most importantly, we deliver top results on time to every client.

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