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The evolution of technology is leading to the curation of new customer engagement mediums. As brands strive to have a deeper understanding of customer behaviours, technologies like facial recognition are actively considered the most viable avenue to enhance existing knowledge.

Facial recognition technology has been at the epicentre of technological innovation in areas of security and management around the world. Companies have been using facial recognition to improve security assessment in critical infrastructure. However, with the evolution of technology, new applications are being explored across the eCommerce domain.

This article will explore the growth of facial recognition technology and how it is transforming global eCommerce experiences.

Deeper Behavioral Understanding with Facial Recognition

Even though facial recognition technology has long been touted as the optimal solution in areas like security, anti-terrorism, and healthcare, the practical deployment of the technology leads to the exploration of a much broader perspective.

Countries like China have been transforming customer eCommerce experiences by integrating advanced facial recognition systems in stores to evaluate customer experiences. The country's usage of facial recognition systems has been actively increasing from areas like security and surveillance to broader aspects, including eCommerce.

With facial recognition being an emerging domain, leading global companies currently are actively using the technology for security and surveillance procedures. The applicability of the technology has led to a steep decline in criminal activity in major cities around the world.

According to a recent report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, over 75 global countries use AI-based facial recognition solutions for active surveillance

However, the expansion of research in the domain has led to the development of wider use-cases of facial recognition in emotion recognition and broader customer-oriented territories.

The introduction of facial recognition into eCommerce and digital commerce avenues offers promising prospects due to the possibilities offered by the technology. eCommerce stores are being optimized to cater to feedback from facial recognition technology deployed within stores. Customer feedback towards test products is being measured through facial recognition technology, leading to intuitive e-store layouts and brilliant product selection in stores. The integration of customer feedback into product inventories enables stores to curate their galleries based on customer preferences.

Here are some ways companies are exploring the implementation of facial recognition technology to enhance customer interactions.

  • Leading companies like Amazon have launched Amazon Go stores with automated facial recognition-based payments to automate the shopping experience for customers.
  • Chinese Coffee Brands like Luckin are introducing AI-based facial recognition solutions to provide intuitive customer recommendations.
  • Brands like EmoKit Tech are developing commercial applications of emotion-recognition software to create next-generation customer experiences.

Payments Through Facial Recognition

With the adoption of the Face ID by Apple, facial recognition is being actively deployed as a means of customer security worldwide. The applicability of facial recognition-based payment systems can enhance customer payment experiences and increase payment security.

Leading technological giants, including Amazon and Alibaba, have been enhancing the usage of facial recognition across consumer products by allowing customers to make payments through facial recognition.

Improved Customer Service

Facial recognition can be a great tool to analyze customer facial expressions to evaluate emotions. Companies can introduce an improved level of marketing by having a better assessment of user responses to their products. These responses are a great way of evaluating customer reactions to test products and services within existing stores. In countries like China, coffee shops actively deploy facial recognition technology to improve customer engagement through personalized recommendations.

Evaluating customer sentiments during shopping can allow businesses to enhance their product experience and tailor it around customer expectations. Hence, Facial recognition technology is proving to be the cornerstone of next-generation customer interaction thanks to real-time data.

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Facial recognition is emerging as a transformative force in eCommerce management across the world. The sector is witnessing innovative measures ranging from facial recognition embedded payments to broader sentiment analysis. The improvement in facial recognition technology is backed by interest from leading global companies, including Apple and Amazon. Countries like China have also been at the forefront of practical implementation of the technology in eCommerce avenues. The deployment of these technologies in modern settings can enhance customer experience and improve transaction security.

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