How to make the first step to establish a business relationship

September 17, 2020


Michał Maj

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How to make the first step to establish a business relationship

If we look at how business works and treat it as a constant flow of things and services that one can provide each other with, we will come to a conclusion that, no matter if those people were doing it consciously or not, their cooperation has led their business to success.
However, it is commonly known that what makes each business really successful is not only goods that could be shared, but most of all these are people. The more people you know, the bigger chance you have to be successful with what you may offer.

Building relationships in business during COVID-19 pandemic

These days, when the pandemic is spreading around the world, and the majority of people are obliged to do lots of their duties remotely, including their own businesses, it seems to be crucial to be an honest and reliable partner who is willing and competent enough to help others with carrying their commercial topics.
Therefore, not only the quantity of partners is important, but in particular, it is the quality of the relationship between each other. This one may result in long-term cooperation that may be valuable for both sides, both in good and bad times.
The main question that comes to mind is: “How to create, at least, the first step to this kind of interaction?”

How to start a business relationship

t is obvious that it is much easier to create any relationship if the potential partners are connected by someone who is known well for both sides. However, it seems to be much more valuable if cooperation is created from the very beginning.
Due to the pandemic and the limited access to direct meetings, people are now more obligated to use mostly the tools that allow them to contact others remotely. No matter what kind of them are used, it is crucial to look at them both from the client and sales perspectives. Therefore, let’s have a look at some ways of communication that are the most popular these days.
First of them is the text message that may be sent via email or one of the daily used social communicators. Nowadays, people receive plenty of “written junk” that is fulfilling each mailbox, giving no value at all. Usually, this kind of text is written very generally and, as a result, it seems to be sent to everyone automatically, no matter if the type of client is different or not. To avoid being added to SPAM, the sales side should prepare each message separately by getting, at least, a little bit of knowledge about the chosen prospect. This kind of personalization may give a potential lead feeling that someone is really interested in this particular cooperation. On the other hand, as a reached out person, it would be good to “appreciate” the writer’s effort that was put even in the smallest research. Treating personalized messages as SPAM may result in losing a prospective partner, as well as present and future chances to create any deals that could be valuable for the company.

The second method could be a simple phone call. It is a business tool that some people like and some do not. In comparison to text messages, surely it is much easier and faster to take a handset and get through to each other. On the other hand, it seems to be a solution that is dedicated for people who have, at least, a little bit of business experience. The dynamism of the phone call demands from both sides deep knowledge of how their business works and how it may be changed due to the cooperation they want to begin.
Therefore, young employees may not be interested in using it frequently unless they know someone better.

Finally, it may be a favorable option to use a combination of the methods mentioned above. This solution may become perfect for someone who does not feel comfortable with choosing a phone call as the first contact but treats it as a more valuable tool. In that case, it would be good to prepare a personalized email as in a normal sales campaign, but including the proposal of handling a video or a phone call. This way gives both sides an opportunity to speak to each other more directly, together with giving them time for better research regarding their companies. The important thing about it is not to postpone the call itself as it may contribute to making the relationship “lazy” and, as a result, not so effective as it could be.

How to make the first step to establish a business relationship

Personal communication style as a crucial factor in establishing a business relationship

Whatever form of communication is chosen, it is very important to put an effort to make it as personalized as possible. Moreover, it would be a big plus if it fits a particular person, so that such an interlocutor may feel comfortable and, as a result, focus on making a valuable business. Finally, if those factors are connected with transparency and openness for new opportunities, it is highly probable that the first step to create a long-term, business relationship has just been done.

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