How to become a Vue.js developer and whether paid trials in IT work out

March 30, 2022


Oleksiy Kalashnyk

5 min

How to become a Vue.js developer and whether paid trials in IT work out

Our journey together began not so long ago. And I would like to share with you exactly how this happened.

I am a Junior Frontend Developer (Vue) at Bravelab.

For three years I practiced programming as a hobby in my free time. This was my answer to the question “What’s next?”. I didn’t see myself in physical work at an older age. Having a technical degree and confidence that it's never too late to learn, I wrote my first “Hello world!” program at the age of 25.

I had no commercial or team experience. But I was given a chance at Bravelab.

After the recruitment process, I was offered a paid two week trial period - that already was very pleasant. On the first day of the trial period, I was introduced to the “Friend in Brave” system. What does this actually mean? Each member of the team is actually your colleague and you can easily turn to him with any question and ask for support. With Jira and Kanban tables, we can easily track and plan our actions. That was also shown in practice at once.

Three more people are involved in the development of the project I am working on:

  • Team leader
  • A more experienced developer
  • UI/UX designer

For the first five days, the senior developer and I did tasks together, sometimes even in pair coding or in Google Meet conferences. That allowed me to quickly enter the project.

I find that our work as a team is very effective.

The process of working on an IT trial is very simple:

  • Every morning together with the Team lead we discuss what we have already done and what needs to be done according to the plan
  • After, in direct contact with the designer we see what it should look like. If we have any questions or suggestions, we review them together.
  • Together with a senior programmer colleague, we discuss how to do the task from a technical point of view.
  • Then we do it and see the result.

Our task is to make a high-quality product both visually and in the code component.

It is very easy for me as a beginner as there is no pressure and no rush.

In reference to the technical stack:

  • - as a CMS system
  • Vue.js javascript framework
  • Tailwind CSS - style framework
  • Gridsome for project build and server rendering
  • GraphQL - data requests
  • Netlify for project deployment
  • Figma/Zeplin - prototyping and design of components and pages

Now more about each of them. turned out to be a very nice and flexible Headless CMS. I really liked their documentation, it allowed me to quickly get into the project. The atomic schema structure makes it very easy to scale an application. The ability to use different datasets gives field for testing and it is convenient for local deployments. It makes teamwork easier.

Vue.js is a simple and highly efficient JavaScript framework. With its help, the implementation accelerates significantly. Convenient component decomposition.

Tailwind CSS is one of the most popular CSS frameworks in the world. Its customization and built-in features save a lot of time. GraphQL, an optimized API query language, is very easy for beginners.

Gridsome and Netlify are highly efficient tools for building and deploying a project. Gridsome, thanks to its modularity, is very suitable for both small and large projects. Netlify, as a leader in cloud computing, needs no introduction.

The summary for the paid trail is simple.

Here at Bravelab, everyone can make their dreams come true.

At 28, I officially became a programmer - and I am very happy about it. I want to sincerely thank all the people who helped me in this process. Bohdan, for pointing out and recommending Bravelab, Lena and Dina for the great recruitment and onboarding process, and last but not least Adam, Jurek, and Krystyna for everyday, consistent work on the website project.

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