Establishing cooperation between Netlify and Bravelab

Nowadays partnership has become a great deal for the companies, we believe that it is the thing also for We would like to share with you a short article about our partnership relation with team Netlify and how it all started.

For those who don't know Netlify, it is a platform for deploying your sites on the internet. It was founded by Matt Biilmann in the year 2014 with the purpose to make simple site publishing. Since then it has been very rapidly growing and today Netlify serves over 10 000 sites making $1m+ a month and working with great clients around the globe in various industries.

Moreover, Netlify offers a very interesting plugin for VSCode where you can create, edit and deploy your static websites and applications.

The thing about partner programs is that you can collaborate with companies in different fields in order to reach new markets or make business together. In our case, it was about one of the most useful tools for developers and our clients.

Why did we decide to serve the Netlify plugin?

We used this tool for our marketing websites and there were no reasons not to use it for our development. It's really very simple and easy to operate. Now, in order to have this powerful tool we had to — obviously — set up a new account with Netlify but that was nothing on the list of things we needed from them.

The first step was to make a standard partnership package between Netlify and We were discussing the terms and we quickly agreed that the best way to proceed on this matter was to get a free account from them. Yay, we got a Netlify account and started trying out features.

And here is one great thing — you can test their service for 30 days for free! So, we did it. And in that time we took advantage of Netlify Deployments feature as well as CDN connection at BitBalloon. Yes, it's absolutely free of charge with this partnership program.

We realized that the Products team at Netlify are very helpful and easy-going people so there was no time lost for establishing the relations with each other.

We are really happy to work with their Team and we see many advantages with that cooperation, also we see that our development crew is working faster on the projects. From the clients standpoint we see that live preview of the changes made after every build is helping with better communication between the client and our development team.

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