In the programming universe is defined as a hero in Python, he masters the deepest and vast world of Python. His knowledge allows him to create amazing platforms from this world. And his main characteristic is that she/he works with enthusiasm in the Brave’s spaceship with its crew.

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Learn now what’s inside the Brave’s spaceship and its crew:

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is a simple system that is based on dividing X percent of company's net profit among all employees in the company. The amount should be equal for everyone who has worked through the whole quarter. Seniority doesn’t matter. Everyone gets the same amount of money. Every Braveloper gets a part of the quarter profit as part of bonus.

Productivity with Kanban

Kanban board methodology is a visual productivity workflow tool that was first used by Toyota in the 1950s. It gives users an overview of an entire task, allowing them to see the details without losing track of the bigger picture. The Kanban method breaks tasks down into 3 categories: “To Do,” “Doing” and “Done,” using cards to plot a project through from start to finish, enabling your team to chart their progress as they work.

At Bravelab we love productivity and results, that’s why we have integrated the methodology of Kanban in our processes, work teams, and workflow. We use software made by Atlassian and called Jira. There we gather all projects and tasks to do, classify them by department, and assign them to every member of the team according to our needs. This helps us to manage and track the projects with high efficiency and most importantly, we deliver top results on time to every client. Every Braveloper is trained to use this powerful tool from the beginning!

Fresh ideas with a democratic leadership

At Bravelab we always love to hear our colleagues and partners to foster innovation and reach every goal we set. That’s why we follow a philosophy of partnership and transparency that built a democratic leadership inside the “spaceship”. As one references states, “the democratic leadership style shows up in studies again and again as a strategy that inspires and motivates employees. This style allows people to experience a sense of control over their own destiny within the organization and to believe their actions impact the company’s greater success.”

We invite you to join us and begin the great journey inside the programming universe!

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