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Bravelab's team about productivity

September 17, 2020

Monika Niemiec

Our company aware of self-improvement team that faces huge challenges every day, so while working on this article, It’s a good time to conduct short interviews with our employees asking them, among other things, what productivity is for them, what motivates them, and what tools they use to plan their tasks.

Productivity - definition

There are many definitions of productivity. According to the encyclopedia, it is giving good results in the production of something and the size of the production effect obtained from a given input. You can find many ways to improve your productivity by striving for maximum achievement. Many definitions of productivity show us that it might vary for every person. Therefore, we asked our developers how they perceive productivity.

What is productivity to you?

Bartosz - "For me, productivity is a measure of how much work I do over time..."
Agnieszka - "Productivity is for me to do the job as quickly as possible without losing quality."
Mateusz - "Productivity is for me the ability to deliver things in a certain time. "
Paweł - "For me, productivity means how quickly and efficiently I can complete a task, especially tasks that are repetitive or very similar. Productivity also includes proper work organisation."

What is your motivation?

Bartosz - "The greatest motivation for me is the vision of the finished product, other people's successes, and the motive of death, I would like to achieve as much as possible before my last moments".
Agnieszka - " I am motivated by people with whom I have the opportunity to cooperate when they send good energy, where you can see that they do their job because they like it and 100%. The possibility of self-improvement motivates me, it drives me that I have challenges. I often panic at first, but after a while, I am proud of the progress made. I also recommend the book "Drive. A completely new perspective on motivation" by Daniel H. Pink, also in the book "Management 3.0" by Jurgen Appelo, raises the issue of motivation.
Mateusz - "I am motivated by the effect of my work, and I like to make life easier for someone, and that is the greatest motivation for me".
Paweł - "The best motivation for me is the thought of what skills I once had and I will compare it with the present, that is, the thought of developing and not standing still. Something that I couldn't do before, now solves nothing."

Tools for organizing your work

Bartosz - "To organize my work, I use a plain sheet of paper where I write down all the things to do. I also use a simple google keep application where I take notes."
Mateusz - "At home I use a large Scrum Board made of a 3-column corkboard to organize my work: It's TO DO, WIP and DONE and I clip on to it with the notes with the saved tasks, it reminds me of many things and makes planning easier."
Agnieszka - "As far as the organization at work is concerned, she uses all kinds of boards, whether in design or physical cards. I also have a planner where I plan the week, but there are more tasks I have to do after work or important work-related events that will affect the second part of my day. I also have a rule that if you work mentally, spend your free time working physically, in my case, most often a bicycle. If you work physically in your free time, learn to read. It allows you to maintain the balance you need."
Paweł - "I organize my working time with the JIRA application, but if I have more things to do, I make a list on an ordinary piece of paper. The list starts with the tiniest ribbons to those for which I need more time. I quickly estimate how much time the list should take me and perform tasks by deleting completed tasks from the list."

Why is productivity important?

Productivity allows us to achieve better results in everyday matters, we are more organized, which is a great advantage, because it turns into our achievements at work, where we can show our reliability, but it also helps us to manage our time in our personal life. It is crucial to increase your productivity in all areas of your life.

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