Bravelab is a software developmeny company from Krakow, Poland specializing in Python and JavaScript. If you run such a business, you know that website redesign done by the company itself can be time-consuming. Our brave enough team, though, not capable of inventing a time expansion machine, get down to work.

Our brave enough team, though, not capable of inventing a time expansion machine, get down to work. We had 4 people that were doing their regular job in the meantime. Bravelab does not do user experience per se, but with clever minds, the user experience process went on. Our lifeline was: 1 month.

Creating personas

We asked ourselves questions: who are we going to talk to and in a what way. The team created a few personas: for a target client, a co-worker, and even a bad client. As the work progressed, we personalized such pages as the contact page. User as we see it communicates with a website; we wanted to treat the contact page as if was a consultant whose role is to help the client.

Voice of tone

Creating personas helped us shape words and communication. At first, content landed in low-fidelity wireframes (we used We learned that it is easier to discuss the content in a Google Document. One document helped us be more consistent with wordings. The document also saved us time–it is easier to update wireframes after content is frozen; We designed the content in a conversational style–as if the user was talking to a representative of our company. At this stage, we did a lot of research on how other software companies communicate. We documented our findings and created guidelines. Again, paper and a pen turned out to be a set of tools that worked most before heading to a digital tools. Mind maps and the digital version–MindMup helped us in the brainstorming part.


From paper wireframes, low-fidelity digital ones, and more fine-tuned versions, we saw the progress. At different stages, we asked co-workers and partners for feedback. Others’ opinion helped us improve inconsistencies. Our crew created wireframes for key pages:

  • Landing page
  • Career
  • Services
  • Case studies
  • Contact page.

We didn’t design all views, nor mobile versions–instead, we let the design agency apply our guidelines.

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