A Look at Bravelab.io’s Clutch 2021 Year In Review

Whatever your business may be, you can’t deny how much technology can help. Since our inception back in 2010, Bravelab.io has been helping small and mid-sized businesses scale through bespoke technology solutions. We deliver sophisticated and top-of-the-line solutions because of our expertise in Python, JavaScript, Vue.js, GraphQL, Jamstack, and more.

5 stars

We all can agree that 2021 has been an extremely busy and successful year for Bravelab.io!

Company financial stability and profit which significantly exceeded set goals (4 mln PLN) helped Bravelab to expand! We successfully acquired new talents to the Development, HR, and Design teams and we are constantly searching for more, especially new Python and Vue.js developers (see more here: Careers - Jobs - Bravelab.io)!

Throughout the whole year, our teams have been developing modern Web Platforms using the latest technologies such as Saleor.io - an e-commerce platform and The Unified Content Platform – Sanity.io - a unified content platform.

Together with Wundr Commerce Limited, we’ve been implementing a revolutionary embedded e-commerce platform with lots of integrations with external data providers (Farfetch, BDroppy, Zendesk, Avalara, Beautyfort, Fragrance, Expansys, STC Pay, and more). From a long-term perspective, the platform will be a multi-tenant platform to manage millions of orders.

With Pagepro, one of our key business partners, we’ve been working on a backend of a restaurant management application based on the Saleor platform. The application required the expansion and modification of the Saleor’s elements to suit the specificity of the restaurant industry, adding integration with external systems (Hubrise, Ikentoo) and enabling multi-tenant operations.

Bravelab.io core technology stack

Our core competencies are still in Python and JavaScript, with a strong focus on Vue.js, GraphQL, and Jamstack solutions. This tech stack helps us to deliver tailor-made services for e-commerce.

For more than a decade, we’ve delivered over 90 successful projects to our appreciative clients. It’s because of their trust that we celebrate our memorable 2021 journey. Today, we’re taking a moment to pay homage and share with all of you our Clutch Year In Review!

Clutch is a B2B review and market research platform that provides in-depth insights into various industries and locations. Last year, the Bravelab.io team was recognised as one of Krakow’s leading Python & Vue.js developers thanks to our ever-supportive partners!

Firms that want to rank highly on the platform must earn top-notch reviews from clients to show their expertise and the quality of their work. In 2021, we earned 5 comprehensive reviews that took a deeper dive into our partnerships. All of the reviews we’ve received average 5-star ratings and perfect NPS scores.

NPS score is a metric that gauges how willing a client is to refer a vendor to colleagues and friends. Considering how crucial word of mouth is, it’s truly humbling to see how much our clients appreciate us. For them to say that are willing to recommend us shows that they trust our team’s capabilities.

Thank you to all our partners who took the time out of their busy schedules to review us. It’s because of your trust that we can achieve such feats. We owe you so much.

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