9 Reasons Why the Saleor.io Platform Is the Best Choice for Your eCommerce Website

April 25, 2022


Victor Temitope Awogbemila

7 min

9 Reasons Why the Saleor.io Platform Is the Best Choice for Your eCommerce Website

Why Saleor is the best choice

In an ideal world, Shopify, WooCommerce, or other popular eCommerce platforms would be enough to satisfy every eCommerce business’s needs. However, in the real world (not always ideal by the way), the most popular eCommerce platforms don’t cater to the needs of every business, shopper, and developer.

ECommerce merchants create customer-centric strategies that aim to give visitors the best shopping experience at their stores. Therefore, their primary concern is simplifying and speeding up the purchasing journey with every technology they can afford. This presented a time-consuming problem for developers in the past. However, newer eCommerce platforms work the developer-friendly angle and opt for a headless framework, making the developer’s job much easier. And in our experience, when your developer is happy, your product is all the better.

Saleor is one of the fastest-rising developer-friendly headless eCommerce platforms out there. This article examines what separates the Saleor platform from other eCommerce platforms and why it might be the best option for your eCommerce website.

Introducing Saleor

Saleor is a headless, GraphQL-first, open-source eCommerce platform. Its modern, efficient stack is based on a Python 3 and Django 2 framework. It uses fast, flexible, and reliable React APIs written in Typescript and Apollo GraphQL. Since version 2.0 was released, the platform’s REST solutions were replaced with GraphQL, which promises cleaner and faster APIs. In simpler terms, Saleor allows you to create beautiful online stores with all the features of an excellent eCommerce platform. In addition, its headless GraphQL-first architecture delivers faster, flexible experiences for your customers.

Here, let’s break down what a headless eCommerce platform means and why the Saleor platform will significantly benefit you.

What Is a Headless eCommerce Platform?

A headless eCommerce platform (also API-driven) is an architecture where back-end/server-side elements are entirely decoupled from the front-end experience. A Headless eCommerce platform presents greater flexibility in front-end design and API choice.

A benefit of employing headless architecture is the freedom to create different versions of your front-end for your various channels. Since the front-end is completely decoupled from the back-end, the possibility of an issue with a specific parameter or function interfering with another parameter is eliminated, thereby increasing the stability of your front-end. A headless architecture also allows for more excellent integration opportunities, allowing you to harness the power of platforms like Google Cloud and AWS. Finally, headless platforms are faster and more scalable.

Now, these beautiful features are peculiar to most headless platforms. So what sets Saleor apart from the others? So sit tight and explore a few ways Saleor trumps other eCommerce platforms.

Why Choose Saleor?

The Saleor platform provides the following advantages over most other eCommerce platforms:

1. Omnichannel Accessibility

ECommerce websites built on Saleor work seamlessly on all devices and screen sizes, thanks to Saleor’s headless architecture. Your website also works as a progressive web app (PWA) on mobile devices.

Since you have total control over your front-end layer, you may choose to use a pre-made template, a JavaScript SDK, or you can build a project from scratch in the language and platform of your choice. All power rests in your hands.

PWAs allow advantages of mobile application

2. PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Saleor eCommerce websites act both as traditional online stores and PWAs. PWAs allow your eCommerce website to take all the advantages of a mobile application without the need for customers to install anything. It also means you can save cost on building a separate mobile application which many customers will end up uninstalling anyway. Not us; it’s what the numbers say; 62% of users uninstall apps after only 11 uses, and 23% open mobile apps just once.

Want to know something even more incredible? You can deliver excellent shopping experiences with your PWA even if your customers are offline without an internet connection.

3. SEO efficiency

Saleor eCommerce websites have static front-end layers, which Google favors as they’re fast, light, and easy to scan for robots. So, you can set out creating SEO-optimized taglines, meta-data, content for products, collections, and categories, confident that your eCommerce website has better chances with Google’s algorithms.

4. Speedy Customer Experience

Saleor’s headless and GraphQL-first architecture makes for shorter page load times and less lag in the customer experience. This is especially important as fast page speeds play an important role in keeping visitors on your website. It’s also one of the most important Google ranking factors.

5. Flexible Products Configuration

Your inventory is more flexible as it can contain both digital and physical products with different attributes as bundles and collections or individually. All of these are easy to configure with Saleor.

You can also manage multiple warehouses with Saleor. Keep track of the stock in each warehouse, edit numerous products at once, and see which products or warehouses are out of stock from your Saleor eCommerce dashboard.

6. Globalization

The Saleor platform currently supports more than 30 languages. Thus you can translate sections of your entire eCommerce website into other languages. Saleor also has geolocation capabilities that come handy when looking to serve a global audience.

7. Diverse Integration Options

You can Integrate with Google Analytics to track your website’s traffic and more. Integrate with popular payment channels such as PayPal and Stripe. Integrate admin sign-in with Google or Facebook to restrict unwanted access to your admin dashboard. The options are limitless.

8. Data-driven Marketing and Sales

Saleor has machine learning capabilities to help you make data-informed adjustments to your page setup or checkout process and generate more revenue by upselling. Also, track your website’s performance by reviewing sales figures in real-time or past-time. A/B testing with Saleor is also data-driven. As a result, it provides better results to optimize your customer experience.


9. Safety

Since the front-end layer that your customers see is completely separated from your server-side, customers’ details and other sensitive information are safe.

Saleor has a vast and fast-growing community with over 180 active contributors. In addition, the company received $2.5 million in funding from Berlin-based company Cherry Ventures in March 2021. These developments indicate the bright future ahead for the Saleor eCommerce platform. We can expect future updates to improve present core competencies and possess more excellent opportunities for integration—these promise an efficient platform for your business and better experiences for your customers.

At Bravelab, Saleor is our platform of choice for creating remarkable eCommerce websites for our clients. So why not book a consultation with us today and let our vast array of proficient, and experienced eCommerce developers analyze your needs and provide the right solutions? It’s super easy to get in touch with us, click here.

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