SaaS music licensing platform for artists, film and video makers

SaaS music licensing platform for artists, film and video makers

Platform allows to use royalty safe music on all users' video, media productions, public spaces and off line events, both commercial and amateur

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Python  Developer

Vue.js Developer

Flutter Developer




Project started in May '22 and will take more than 9 months


Story behind the scene

In the mid-2022 we got a phone call from a client who wanted us to build an e-commerce music platform. Over the last six months, we have prototyped and delivered a fully-functional MVP. It allows purchasing licenses in a form of subscriptions and/or one-time payments.


We have built it with a mixture of LowCode technologies - which are the future. As well as Python, Django, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and AWS. While we were at it we also added a mobile app for Android and iPhone. In the beginning, we started with four developers and at the peak of it, we had eight people - including UX, tester, and DevOps. Now, as we are opening a new chapter, we need to downscale the team but still need a backend developer.

Working on a small team. The main tasks will consist of

  • stabilising the production
  • improving features and fixing bugs
  • keeping an eye on the load
  • supporting the first clients
  • adding new functionalities

Our team has a full control over the technology stack, architecture, and implementation. For as long as the users are happy! We do care about the quality and continuous improvement of the product. The delivery is automated in a form of CI/CD and docker containers so that's one thing off the mind.  

At Bravelab we are music-loving people - some of us also play various instruments. So it's not a surprise this project is close to heart as well as makes good business sense. While we are setting up the production our backlog is beginning to fill up with the next phase ideas ie. integration with - ML/AI tool for analysing and recommending the music.

Is this resonates with you? We will be very happy to have an informal chat with you about it. Watch an introduction to the platform (PL version only)


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Is this resonates with you? We will be very happy to have an informal chat with you about it.

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It is about working together

Not afraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies, and - most importantly - always carry the projects through from the beginning to the end.

Senior Python Developer

Bravelab is more than just a software house, and I realized that right away. It's the kind of organization that encourages everyone to speak up and take part in decision-making. Bravelab empowers me not only to grow professionally but progress in my personal life as well. The work never gets boring and there are always new areas where you can challenge yourself.

Frontend Developer

Since joining Bravelab, I have had a great professional journey.
The 2+ years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. It is very motivating to join a company and take part in its growth. I was changing alongside the company and it was a joy to witness.

Senior Python Developer