E-mobility integrations platform from Denmark

E-mobility integrations platform from Denmark

Project integrate interfaces between cars (EV), chargers (OCPP) and other operators (OCPI). Everything with Scrum, Python, FastAPI, GCP, Kubernetes

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more than 10 developers



Project has been started 2020 and will be continuing during all the 2023


Story behind the scene

A few months ago, our software partner contacted us to ask if we could help extend his team. He has no Python stack. We've been cooperating for many years on different projects now.

This project has been developing for more than two years.

Bravelab has just started extending the existing team. We already have one dev involved in the project. We are looking for a new Python developer who knows how to use async Python, FastAPI, and SQLAlchemy.

Our tasks are integrations between cars (EV), chargers (OCPP) and other operators (OCPI). The platform uses Kubernetes and Google Cloud. The project has no legacy code.

The team includes many developers divided into small groups. The workflow follows Scrum principles. Most people are from Poland, but English is the primary language in this project.

From a long-term perspective, the plan is to extend the team with another - 3rd Python developer.

The project looks very promising. We can use async Python and many fancy libraries. Eventually, it touches EV systems and ecology itself.


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It is about working together

Not afraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies, and - most importantly - always carry the projects through from the beginning to the end.

Senior Python Developer

Bravelab is more than just a software house, and I realized that right away. It's the kind of organization that encourages everyone to speak up and take part in decision-making. Bravelab empowers me not only to grow professionally but progress in my personal life as well. The work never gets boring and there are always new areas where you can challenge yourself.

Frontend Developer

Since joining Bravelab, I have had a great professional journey.
The 2+ years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. It is very motivating to join a company and take part in its growth. I was changing alongside the company and it was a joy to witness.

Senior Python Developer