An invoice exchange application based on Python & Django

The custom web-based software with a secure document exchange portal and notification features.








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The need

The client needed to improve our overall system performance and enable for continuous scalability. He was looking for external technology expertise in some specific development areas. Client also needed to act quickly and he was lacking the required additional development resources internally.


Bravelab proposed to migrate from the old technology (Flask) to the new FastAPI and refactor the current functionality. The goal was to optimise and reduce the technical debt of the application. We also adapted to the new front and accelerated the application.The solution is based on the latest front-end technologies.

Across-Canada Limited is a Group supporting and purchasing automotive parts. One of our tasks was to develop an invoice exchange application between Club Members.

We developed a tailor-made solution for our client and created the document exchange tool via the Internet. The migration documents system was built in Django/Python (backend), and the application frontend was developed in JavaScript/AngularJS with Material Design. We used an API that allowed easier and faster integration between project layers.

ACWL application

In the first year, the system has serviced over 60 companies with a database of several thousand documents.

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Thanks to Bravelab’s work we were able to split frontend of the project with the backend, also we improved by far the responsiveness of the application due to new technology used.The last important outcome is the new look of the app thanks to new UI design.

We work very closely with the Bravelab’s team and our own. We really appreciated good communication and an agile attitude.
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